Does good wine has to be expensive? NO!

These days, we get asked a lot: should I spend a fortune to taste good wine? Certainly not!


We’re not sure where this stereotype came from – maybe from Hollywood movies where each more or less charismatic character is a wine expert. Yes, we’re serious here. When was the last time you have seen a movie where a man goes to restaurant asking the waiter to bring something of year 1965, preferably from the southern hill, explaining to his female partner that it was a great year.

Seems funny, but in reality, what happens is that people get a wrong perception that good wine is expensive. That’s bad for the industry, where there are countless small wineries (and larger manufacturers) that offer product of amazing quality at bargain prices.¬†Of course, they have their own admirers, but ‘thanks’ to movies like that it’s not a mass product (but we think it should be).

The $900 wine on the image above is great, but is it worth the price difference? Well, not sure. Look at the graphic below, go to the store nearby and pick some of these, you will understand price point is not the key here:


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